Révélations préoccupantes sur l’attaque de drones contre l’Arabie Saoudite

Les champs pétrolifères d'Arabie Saoudite ont subi une attaque de drones qui a provoqué d'importantes destructions. Le gouvernement profond américain attribue l'origine de cette attaque à l'Iran. De récentes révélations montrent que l'explication serait un peu plus compliquée. Les États-Unis déploient de nouvelles troupes en Arabie Saoudite et décident de nouvelles sanctions contre l'Iran. Le gouvernement iranien annonce des destructi
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  1. Pour votre gouverne, une information de Moon of Alabama, elle vaut son pesant d’or !

    There is also the oddity that the Patriot unit’s radar system was shut off.

    No patriot radars have been active in recent months (at least not consistently) in the vicinity of the plant, not in the short range required to detect low flying cruise missiles or drones. Closest installation is in Barhain.
    (using Sentinel 1 CSAR sat for detection)

    Satellites with synthetic-aperture radar can ‘see’ the radar of Patriot and other air-defense system. None was detected around Abqaiq.

    The explanation for that is likely rather trivial. Colonel Pat Lang was stationed in Saudi Arabia as a military liaison officer. As he recently remarked:

    Never underestimate the feckless laziness of the Saudis. In my experience they turn off all ATC and air defense systems that require manning or watch keeping when they find them inconvenient as on the weekend. IMO if Ansarallah did this they will do something similar soon to prove they are responsible.

    Abqaiq was attacked on the night of Friday to Saturday. That is the weekend in Saudi Arabia.

    Meilleures salutations

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